This is a Togel hongkong mania today Arrested Police today

Sunyoto (55) a suspect of illegal gambling toto (togel) home, successfully arrested the Unit Opsnal Criminal Police Wonogiri. The arrest of residents of Hamlet Kepyar RT 1 / RW 8, Desa Kepyar, Purwantoro Sub-district, Wonogiri District, was done after the police received coverage according to the   agen togel    hongkong.

Wonogiri Police Chief Adjunct Commissioner Robertho Pardede and AKK Reskrim AKP Muhamad Kariri through Kasubag Humas Polres AKP Hariyanto, Mingg (28/1), stated that Sunyoto arrest was conducted on Saturday afternoon (27/1). The man born in Magetan, East Java, on November 30, 1963, was arrested while doing the practice of selling the togel in the residence.

Paur Subag Polres Public Relations Inspector Iwan Sumarsono added, together with the suspects, the police confiscated the sense of proof consisting of one sheet of Paito, togel betting money as much as Rp 147 thousand, two points of note cards out, one cell phone, , 2 bundles of keplekan, three point pens and one sense of tipex (a kind of paste to remove erroneous writing).

When examined, Sunyoto, denied as the dealer. He claims to be limited to being a mine or a dealer on the front lines. The result of the toggle sale, taken by a courier who rides a motorcycle, which he himself understands the name also the address. Asked who the band was, Suroto did not know it. What he understood, every day visited the courier pick up number sold, in secret.

“I do not know who the band is,” said Suroto saay asked officers. To handle his case, Suroto is now detained at Wonogiri Mapolres. It will be charged under section 303 of the criminal law code on gambling, which threatens to punish 10 years or a fine of R 25 million.

Police Secure Money and Business Equipment Online poker

Pangkalpinang Resort Police Team secures some evidence in the arrest of alleged perpetrators of gambling business practices, Edra (36), Monday (18/09/2017) night.
The arrest, led by Intel Intelligence, AKP Adi Putra and Palu Police Criminal Unit, AKP M Saleh, has found a number of supporting facilities in the practice.
“We secure a black laptop, keyboard, mobile phone, calculator, wallet and pen, including money worth Rp 1 million in the wallet and Rp 76 thousand outside the wallet,” said Intellectual Intelligence Pangkalpinang, AKP Adi Putra disampat Crime, AKP M Saleh, Tuesday (09/19/2017) afternoon.
Police to date are still conducting an in-depth examination of the dragon team’s catch.
“We are still developing whether there are other networks,” he said on behalf of Police Chief Pangkalpinang, AKBP Noveriko A Siregar.

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Samsung Kucurkan Rp 3.9 Trillion For Automobile Cars

Samsung looks very serious in working on autonomous cars after they disburse USD 300 million or about Rp 3.9 trillion for the development of autonomous car technology.

The autonomous car unit will be inside Harman’s business unit, the audio company that Samsung acquired for $ 8 billion by the end of 2016. The goal is to develop a technology platform that combines all aspects, such as in-car entertainment to the ability of a car that can drive itself.

The announcement came out of Samsung just two weeks after California’s Department of Motor Vehicles, United States, issued an autonomous car license for Samsung. Similar permission has been obtained Samsung in his native country, namely South Korea.

Samsung is not the only company that gets such permission, but at least this shows Samsung’s ambition in working on autonomous cars. Including the ultimate goal of working on open-source software solutions for such cars.

“The industry is like shouting and calling, ‘We love Mobileye but we need an open platform,’ said Dinesh Paliwal, CEO of Harman, as quoted from The Verge, Friday (15/09/2017).

Mobileye is meant Paliwal certainly the company that became the main partner of Autopilot software used Tesla. The company is now owned by Intel, and has partnerships with automotive companies such as BMW, Fiat Chrysler, and Delphi Automotive.

Is This The New Hero of Mobile Legends?

Mobile Legends has just arrived a new hero named Argus. However, Moonton as a developer seems to want to add a new hero again that seems to have a Mage role.

This new hero information unfolds from a survey sent via in-game message. When you click on the link presented, it will be taken directly to the survey page which unfortunately is currently closed.

However, wpdesk successfully capture the survey page in question. The survey consists of several pages. On the first page, you are first asked to fill in the gender, age, and country of residence.

New when switching to the next page, you can see the look of the new hero in question. There is no name for this new hero yet. However, Moonton mentioned that this new hero has a Mage role or a magician.

At first glance this new hero looks like a forest fairy. It has golden yellow hair with violet wings. In his right hand clasped a stick with a crown-like tip.

In the survey, Moonton wants to know what the gamer thinks about this new hero. How many scores are given and how opinions about the colors. Gamers are told to score between one and five.

wpdesk tries to contact Moonton’s representative in Indonesia, but admits he has not heard about the hero in question. Well, how do you think of this new hero? Is it interesting or not? What role hero do you want? Please write in the comments field.

List of Motorola Android Oreo Phones

After a number of manufacturers, now Motorola’s turn ensures the presence of Android Oreo on mobile-phone besutannya.

“It’s getting more fun with new Android OS updates that will give users higher speeds, longer battery life, split-screen features, smart text, better notifications and, of course, better app protection on Google Play, helping ensure no threatening apps, “Motorola wrote.

The phones that are certain to miss are Moto Z, Z Droid, Z Force Droid, Z Play, Z Play Droid, Z2 Play, Z2 Force Edition, Moto X4, Moto G5, G5 Plus, G5S, and G5S Plus.

Unfortunately Motorola has not revealed when the presence of Android Oreo for the phone line. But as quoted from Ubergizmo, Friday (15/09/2017), this manufacturer promises the appearance of his update will be present at the latest in November.

And as always, updates will come through the Over-The-Air (OTA) path. Users only need to download then the system will install itself automatically. But when updates are present should be connected via WiFi connection, because usually the download process will suck up the data quota big enough.,, or Blogger? Here’s The Comparison Of 8 Things

When you want to create a website, especially a blog, you will hear people on the internet comparing,, and Blogger.

This will usually make people confused.

Worse yet, you can choose wrong.

Therefore, now we will discuss objectively what are the advantages and disadvantages of each platform.

Differences and

First, we discuss the twin brothers first.

Although the name is the same and comes from the same company, but and have a huge difference.

In a sense, is a self hosted service, while is a hosted service.

What is that?

In order to be easily understood, we say as a place to live:

Self hosted is like a private home. A house that is entirely your own, in your own land, and not someone else’s.

While hosted it is like an apartment. The land is not yours, you only have a unit in an apartment. The apartment belongs to someone else.


( also includes hosted)

Have you got the picture?

In essence, this self hosted is 100% yours.

Now, let’s compare the three from various aspects.


WordPress (hosted and self-hosted) is currently ranked first as the most popular CMS with a market share of 39% over the total of other CMS users.

While Blogger is ranked 4 with a percentage of the market 1%.


Easy to make and Blogger equivalent. Both are the easiest to create because you only need to register an account on their respective websites.

Sign up for WordPress

While is a bit more difficult.

To create a site, you must hire a hosting and domain and then install.

The stages are described in the next chapter.

Cost of manufacture and development

Again here is and Blogger equivalent.

You do not need any fees at all to create an account in both. Although there is a storage limit, you can pay monthly to increase capacity. is limited to 3 GB, $ 99 / year for upgrades to 13 GB.

While on Blogger free 15 GB (for unlimited photos). Here’s a list of pricing packages to add to their capacity, starting at $ 4 / month.

Google storage price plan

You also do not need to buy a domain if you are willing to address your website so like this: or

In order to be, it costs Rp 100,000 per year.

For, you need hosting and domain fees.

The cost of hosting and domain is around Rp 350,000 – 400,000 per year. The hosting capacity for this price is an average of 1-10 GB (depending on which hosting service)

The conclusion: needs a startup fee, and Blogger do not need it. But in its development later, become cheaper.

Easy to use

Actually all three are equal.

To learn the basics, until you can write and publish writing, these three options are just as easy.

But here are some more considerations: and .org are easier to manage and have a more friendly dashboard look. Bloggers are a bit more confusing especially when you want to find a menu on the dashboard.

Even so, the difference is not much.

After using for 1-2 days, you will get used to it.

This Blogger dashboard view:

Blogger Dashboard

And this WordPress dashboard view:

WordPress Dashboard


There are 2 things I want to discuss in this section.

First, if we look at the basic look without changing anything in it. WordPress (.com and .org) are superior to Blogger.

This is because the basic look of Blogger is outdated.

Secondly, the flexibility of the display.

The most flexible is

There are thousands of free and paid templates that you can use. If you are still not satisfied, can also change itself to suit your taste.

In second place is Blogger.

Although the choice of templates in Blogger is not much, but it looks you can change yourself according to taste if you understand HTML and CSS.

While is at least flexible. There are few template options and can not be changed anymore.

Ratings for display flexibility:

If we look at the basic features as CMS, all three are equivalent. Equally able to create posts and pages, insert images, video, and other multimedia.

But bloggers have weaknesses:

1 page limited can only size 1 MB. So you will not be able to create 1 page that contains many pictures.

If we look at the flexibility, excels.

In self hosted, you can add extra features