Is This The New Hero of Mobile Legends?

Mobile Legends has just arrived a new hero named Argus. However, Moonton as a developer seems to want to add a new hero again that seems to have a Mage role.

This new hero information unfolds from a survey sent via in-game message. When you click on the link presented, it will be taken directly to the survey page which unfortunately is currently closed.

However, wpdesk successfully capture the survey page in question. The survey consists of several pages. On the first page, you are first asked to fill in the gender, age, and country of residence.

New when switching to the next page, you can see the look of the new hero in question. There is no name for this new hero yet. However, Moonton mentioned that this new hero has a Mage role or a magician.

At first glance this new hero looks like a forest fairy. It has golden yellow hair with violet wings. In his right hand clasped a stick with a crown-like tip.

In the survey, Moonton wants to know what the gamer thinks about this new hero. How many scores are given and how opinions about the colors. Gamers are told to score between one and five.

wpdesk tries to contact Moonton’s representative in Indonesia, but admits he has not heard about the hero in question. Well, how do you think of this new hero? Is it interesting or not? What role hero do you want? Please write in the comments field.