This is a Togel hongkong mania today Arrested Police today

Sunyoto (55) a suspect of illegal gambling toto (togel) home, successfully arrested the Unit Opsnal Criminal Police Wonogiri. The arrest of residents of Hamlet Kepyar RT 1 / RW 8, Desa Kepyar, Purwantoro Sub-district, Wonogiri District, was done after the police received coverage according to the   agen togel    hongkong.

Wonogiri Police Chief Adjunct Commissioner Robertho Pardede and AKK Reskrim AKP Muhamad Kariri through Kasubag Humas Polres AKP Hariyanto, Mingg (28/1), stated that Sunyoto arrest was conducted on Saturday afternoon (27/1). The man born in Magetan, East Java, on November 30, 1963, was arrested while doing the practice of selling the togel in the residence.

Paur Subag Polres Public Relations Inspector Iwan Sumarsono added, together with the suspects, the police confiscated the sense of proof consisting of one sheet of Paito, togel betting money as much as Rp 147 thousand, two points of note cards out, one cell phone, , 2 bundles of keplekan, three point pens and one sense of tipex (a kind of paste to remove erroneous writing).

When examined, Sunyoto, denied as the dealer. He claims to be limited to being a mine or a dealer on the front lines. The result of the toggle sale, taken by a courier who rides a motorcycle, which he himself understands the name also the address. Asked who the band was, Suroto did not know it. What he understood, every day visited the courier pick up number sold, in secret.

“I do not know who the band is,” said Suroto saay asked officers. To handle his case, Suroto is now detained at Wonogiri Mapolres. It will be charged under section 303 of the criminal law code on gambling, which threatens to punish 10 years or a fine of R 25 million.

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